Logo Sketches (320)

I drew a lot of logos over the past two weeks—most of them involving an ‘NK”. I enjoyed exploring how the different shapes interact and I appreciate how to the two letters mirror each other. A lot of these shapes were sketched on transit, and it was a good way to spend long rides on […]

Initial Personal Brand Poster (320)

Before creating moodboards we were tasked with creating a quick visual snapshot that represents our personal brand in the form of a poster. It was challenging to try and distill my brand into a poster, particularly before I had done much to define my brand. The upside down type is a nod to the different […]

Personal Branding: Brief and Moodboards (320)

Beginning Personal Branding Branding myself is a pretty daunting task—the way potential clients (not to mention peers and employers) experience my brand is directly connected to “success” in the design industry. Of course, there is more to it than that, but the stakes of this project are higher than most of my others. The Brief brief-personal-brand […]

Editorial Magazine Spread (360)

This is my editorial design for Wired magazine, profiling Mark Zuckerberg and the effect of Facebook on different aspects of today’s society, including democracy. I used a distorted, pixelated style for the imagery in part because of the title, Disrupting Democracy, I wrote for the piece. The sidebar illustrates Facebook’s rapid growth and also uses a […]

Editorial Design Survey (360)

Looking at Conceptual vs Distinctive design for our editorial survey was interesting and required a fair amount of thinking. Our group couldn’t just look for how magazines treated headers differently, we had to dive into articles to find concepts behind the layouts. It was valuable to take the time to look at the many ways […]

First Nations Project (244)

The effects of intergenerational trauma on First Nations families across Canada are serious and widespread, yet most Canadians are not aware of how deeply pain and abuse from generations ago impact the present. In designing this campaign I wanted to inform and engage the public in a way that gave the audience something to take home […]

Resume (244)

While designing my resume I wanted to establish my clean, bold, and modern sensibility. I wanted different, but very readable. The nearly monochromatic design means I’m not using colour to immediately stand out, so I employed an usual grid and large, rotated name to catch people’s attention. The tiny splash of colour  calls attention to […]